How Does Raptorman Work?

How Does Raptorman Work?

Welcome to the safest way to purchase secondary tickets on the internet!

Raptorman takes every precaution to make sure your ticket purchase is safe and secure.

1) Make an account with your Name Email and Phone Number- Everything is secure and not shared

2) Pick out the tickets to the game you want to see.

3) Choose your method of payment

- Credit Card- All credit card transactions are handled by Paypal. NO ONE sees your credit card numbers

- Online Banking Email Money Transfer - A hidden gem of all online banking accounts

- Meet up and pay cash - Make sure you have made previous arrangements

5) Choose your method of delivery

- Emailed PDFs- The fastest safest method - Only you will have a copy of the PDFs- Not even the ticket owners will have a copy!

- Mailed Tickets - When possible, tickets can be mailed. They are 100% safe.  If they get lost in the mail, Raptorman can issue PDF tickets.

6) Enjoy the game! There is nothing like a Toronto Raptors Game!

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